Culture and Conflict

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Culture and Conflict

Larger numbers of communities than ever before are on the move and displaced from their homes, however they carry their culture with them often in the shape of visual and material belongings, language and narratives. This culture is essential in defining not just their identity and its related politics, but has implications for the futures they aspire. This project aims to understand these cultures to explore their potential as the starting point for discussions about identity and ambitions of peace and development.
By engaging with craft women, this project reveals the value and relevance of culture specific knowledge and skills to peace building and reconstruction from the perspective of women.By exploring the visual and material cultures of regions and the shifts caused therein by the conflicts, we aim to build a deeper understanding of the value of cultural practices in the reconstruction of a conflict zone.It uses a cultural mapping methodology (aural-visual) to explore how communities of women, across different conflict contexts rely on coded and tacit knowledge to rebuild their lives.
This knowledge and its related skills are often situated and specific to the community.
 Culture and Conflict project is part of the 'Tranformation and empowerment' stream of the GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub based the LSE in London, UK. 

Sites and Crafts


Sites and Crafts

Jammu and Kashmir

Sites and Crafts


Sites and Crafts



Neelam Raina

Academic, Conflict expert

Fatima Hussain

Artist and Curator

Zahra Hussain

Architect and Cultural Geographer


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