Training Workshop

In field. Online.
The project delivers  series of training and capacity building workshops; for craft women as well as researchers.



Sri Lanka

On the 9th-10th September, 2020, the Culture and Conflict project shall launch its second stage of field work methods training for Afghanistan, Pakistan and India based partners. Our first phase of training was completed successfully in Jan 2020 in Sri Lanka with our country based partners. This two day workshop will train participants in the methods and strategies of carrying out ethnographic research on crafts and creative practices in post/conflict zones. The workshop takes place in Pakistan, with participants from neighbouring countries joining digitally.
The Culture and Conflict project is based at Middlesex University (UK) and at Laajverd in Pakistan.The project is part of the GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub at London School of Economics and it contributes to the work stream entitled ‘Transformation and Empowerment’.